The Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association (CSPPA) is the worldwide representative association for professional Counter-Strike (CS:GO) players.

The CSPPA is player-driven, independant and democratic. Equality and solidarity are key values.

The CSPPA aims to safeguard, protect and promote professional Counter-Strike players’ interests both during and after their active career. The CSPPA will work to secure the best possible working conditions for the players, while taking into acount the special nature of the industry.

Any player who is contracted or actively seeking a contract as a professional Counter-Strike player and who competes at an elite level is eligible to be an active member of the CSPPA.


Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association

Svend Aukens Plads 11

2300 Copenhagen S


Tel.: +45 31 10 79 80

Email: louise.kwang@csppa.gg

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Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association

The CSPPA is the association for professional CS:GO players. Our members are professional players from all over the world.


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