Publication date: 3 May 2021

"It is really important that we have a lot of transparency, both for the players, for the teams, for the community itself to be able to understand how the ranking works."

- Lukas 'Gla1ve' Rossander

"The reason why it’s important that the players are incorporated, is that the players are so affected by the ranking overall."

- Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer


The first edition of the CSPPA World Ranking was developed based on input from the CSPPA player representatives and the CSPPA membership. Further, the CSPPA World Ranking Rulebook was sent to several important stakeholders in the industy for consultation purposes and adjusted according to proposals from various stakeholders.

We encourage all members of the CS:GO ecosystem including fans to submit your proposals for how we can improve the CSPPA World Rankings. We understand that this first edition is in no way perfect and we need to continue to develop the system in order to acheive the best possible ranking system.

Proposals can be sent to: ranking@csppa.gg